Data protection policy

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations, we are setting out the Congress personal data policy. Here we dfine what data is asked for, and for what purpose it’s requested …

Family name – To enable us to identify the player
Forename – To enable us to identify the player
Title – To allow people who want to be known by any honorifics – e.g. Doctor – to be correctly addressed
Address – To allow us to forward any prize money or awards and to identify anyone eligible for local/regional prizes/ discounts
Telephone number / email – to allow us to contact you in case of emergency or a problem with your entry
Chess club – To enable us to identify players eligible for certain prizes / discounts
Date of birth – To enable us to identify players eligible for discounts / junior bursaries / certain prizes
ECF membership – To verify your membership and eligibility for discounts and grading
FIDE rating – To verify players eligibility to play in certain rated tournaments – particularly for players from outside England
Federation – This is a FIDE requirement.

This information will be held by the relevant organisers of Hastings Congress for a maximum of two years after each event.

For ECF Grading purposes it is required that the following information is sent to the ECF Grading system —
Forename, family name, date of birth, ECF grading reference, gender, club, and results of all games played – including date of game, name of each player and colour played.

See the ECF website regarding published grading information.  The information is published as it is of general legitimate interest, and organisers need to ensure that players are eligible for the tournaments entered.

Players are required to accept the following when completing the required entry form —

  • that games played at the 2018/19 Congress may be used for publicity purposes during the event and in the future.  For norm events games must be sent to FIDE and will appear on its website
  • that data contained on the Hastings Congress entry form is retained securely by the Congress and not distributed to any other person(s) without the player’s consent. Photographs and video taken at the Congress may be used in the future.
  • that information be provided to the ECF or FIDE for grading / rating / norm purposes only