Events & Details 19/20

Hastings Masters
A nine-round accelerated* Swiss Pairing tournament from 28th December 2019 to 5th January 2020. This event will provide opportunities to qualify for titles and for the FIDE Rating List.

Rate of play
40 moves in 100 minutes, followed by all remaining moves in 50 minutes, with the addition of 30 seconds for each move from the start

Entry Fees
GM, IM, WGM, WIM – Free
For conditions contact Alex McFarlane Email:

FM, WFM – £36

Players with FIDE ratings –
2125 and above – £76; Below 2125 – £116

Players without FIDE ratings –
ECF 190 (ELO 2125) and above – £126; Below ECF 190 (ELO 2125) – £146

The entry fee for this Masters event only is reduced by 50% for any one of the following –
players under 18 or over 65 on 28 December 2019;
registered disabled players;
members of Hastings Chess Club; and
players residing in the Borough of Hastings.
Those registered as ENG who are not Gold or Platinum ECF members must pay an additional game fee of £12.00
Non-English entrants are required to have a FIDE identification number. If they do not, they must obtain one in advance from their International Rating Officer.
Thanks to the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust, some assistance may be available for suitable players under 21 on 28 December 2019. Details will appear on the website.
The Masters winner will hold the Golombek Trophy in name for one year.

£2000, £1200, £750, £500, £350, £250, £200

There will also be prizes of £200 each for –
the highest placed female player;
the highest placed player who is neither a GM nor IM;
the best relative FIDE rating performance by a player aged 65 or over on 28 December 2019;
and the CON POWER Prize for the best relative FIDE rating performance by a player aged under 18 years old on 28 December 2019

Prizes for those not already holding three norms, achieving GM/WGM or IM/WIM FIDE title norms which will be valid towards titles, GM/WGM norms – £200; and IM/WIM norms – £100

Horntye will present a prize of £100 and a trophy for the winner of the Best Game

The highest placed eligible player not already qualified will be entitled to play in the 2020 British Championship

Players, other than grandmasters, may take a half-point bye in any round of the Masters apart from the last. Notice must be given early on the previous evening. This is particularly suitable on New Year’s Day.

* The Baku Acceleration system will be used if entry exceeds 100

RATE OF PLAY (applies to all the tournaments below)
All moves in 110 minutes, with an extra 10 seconds for each move. Each player must keep score until the time remaining on his clock has dropped below five minutes. Once a player has stopped scoring under this rule, they do not need to resume scoring if their time then increases to above five minutes …

Christmas Tournament
5 round Swiss tournaments over two days (see Congress Schedule for start times
Saturday 28th December 2019 to Sunday 29th December 2019
This event will be in graded sections of approximately 16 to 20 players below ECF 200 (FIDE 2200)
Entry Fee – £39 (Juniors £35)
Prizes (for each section) – £140, £90, £65 plus a grading prize of £30
ECF Females Prize – £75 in each section

New Year Morning & Afternoon Tournaments
5 round Swiss tournaments over five days (see Congress Schedule for start times
Monday 30th December 2019 to Friday 3rd January 2020
This event will be in graded sections of approximately 16 to 20 players below ECF 200 (FIDE 2200)
Entry Fee – £39 (Juniors £35)
Prizes (for each section) – £140, £90, £65 plus a grading prize of £30
ECF Females Prize – £75 in each section

Hastings Weekend Open Congress
All these tournaments are 5 round events Friday 3rd January 2020 to Sunday 5th January 2020. Open Tournament – FIDE rated. All English entrants must quote their membership number when entering. Other entrants are required to be members of a national federation affiliated to FIDE
Entry Fee – £40 (Juniors £36)
Prizes – £500, £300, £150, plus a rating prize of £70 for those with a published FIDE rating below 1900
ECF Females Prize – £75
Those registered as ENG who are not Gold or Platinum members must pay an additional game fee of £11.00

Intermediate Tournament
Open to players below ECF 160 (FIDE 1900)
Entry Fee – £39 (Juniors £35)
Prizes – £400, £250, £100 plus a grading prize of £50 for players below ECF 140
ECF Females Prize – £75

Under 130 Tournament
For players below ECF 130 (FIDE 1675) or with no previous experience of competitive chess
Entry Fee – £26 (Juniors £23)
Prizes – £200, £150, £100, plus grading prizes of £40 for players graded ECF 99-80 and below ECF 80
ECF Females Prize – £75

Players may take a half point bye in any round except the last. Requests for such byes must be stated on the entry form.

ECF Members of at least Silver level may deduct £7.50 for adults and juniors from the entry fee for Christmas, New Year and Weekend Intermediate and U130 events. Members of Hastings Chess Club and players residing in the Borough of Hastings receive a £10 discount from the entry fee for the Christmas, New Year, Weekend Open, and Intermediate events and £5 from the Weekend U130

The Maureen Charlesworth Trophy will be awarded for the most meritorious performance by a local player (further details will appear in the programme)
Players should note that under UK law smoking is banned in all inside areas of Horntye Park Sports Complex. This also includes e-cigarettes.
Default time – Players arriving 30 minutes or more after the start of a session in any tournament shall lose by forfeit, unless the arbiter decides otherwise.
The playing venue – Horntye Park Sports Complex, Bohemia Road, Hastings TN34 1EX Tel: 01424 716666 – is a spacious chess venue with excellent lighting. It is just over 1km from the town centre and is shown on the map in this brochure. Bus services run from the town centre to the venue. There is adequate car-parking space.
The playing venue is accessible to players with disabilities including toilet facilities for the disabled and a lift between floors.
Catering will be available during most of the playing times.
Subject to confirmation on the Congress website, the telephone number of the chess office at Horntye Park will be 0758 214 9239 from 28 December 2019.
Refreshments while at the board – players must confine their refreshments to tea, coffee and cold drinks
Juniors are players under 18 years on 28 December 2019

Hastings  Chess Congress wishes to draw attention to its adopted Safeguarding Policy, which is set out below —
1) Prevention (to provide a positive atmosphere which encourages junior chess)
2) Protection (having an agreed procedure, ensuring that organisers and tournament officers are able to respond appropriately and sensitively to safeguarding concerns)
3) Support (to anyone who may have encountered abuse at the event)

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, Fitbits, etc. must be completely switched off and placed in a bag at the player’s table. The bag must not be moved at any time during the game.  The devices must remain off until away from the tournament hall.