Round 5 report – from Stewart Reuben

January 2, 2012 Webblie 0

As you would expect, many poker players are extremely superstitious. Thus they hate to lose their first pot of the year, or have a losing session. I have never before thought to discuss this with chessplayers. If they felt the same way here you would […]

Details and amendments – from Pam Thomas

January 1, 2012 Webblie 0

HAPPY NEW YEAR GREETINGS TO ONE AND ALL Despite best efforts to disconcert – errors in programme and other notices – may I take this opportunity to confirm: * that it is Sunday 1st January 2012 * that the chess office phone number at Horntye […]

Pairs at the Pig

January 1, 2012 Webblie 0

The Pairs at the Pig event was well attended – 16 pairs entered which was possibly the highest ever entry.  There were also several spectators adding to the atmosphere. Simon Williams and Gary O’Grady’s games attracted quite a voluble audience, and Mark Bryant had to […]

Round 4 report – from Stewart Reuben

January 1, 2012 Webblie 0

As you can imagine, reports written on New Year’s Eve, in all honesty three hours into 2012, can be a bit disjointed. Anyway, here goes. I asked Glenn Flear after his fourth round win about his loss to 17-year-old Samuel Franklin in round 3. He […]

Round 3 report – from Stewart Reuben

December 31, 2011 Webblie 0

By round 3 we can expect clashes between leading players and we were not to be disappointed. The top 4 boards all featured strong players on 2/2 and Sahiti Lakshmi was the only player from the second fraction to come through to 100%. Deep Sengupta […]

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