Round 2 report – Stewart Reuben

Wang Yue v Pavel Simacek – surely 22…e4 allowing Nxd4 made things too comfortable for the Chinese player. The resignation by the Czech – here with two of his pupils the sisters Olsarova – ust a few moves later was perhaps a little premature.

Adrien Demuth v David Howell – on the other hand, the resignation by the young Frenchman against our own David Howell was well justified.

Andrei Istratescu v Jovanka Houska – Jovanka got really short of time and went down in flames against Istratescu who now flies under the French flag. She blundered on over 29 in a truly awful position. If you are going to lose, you might as well lose on time trying to get out of a dreadful mess.

Keith Arkell v Romain Edouard – another young Frenchman was featured on board 4. His bishop on b7 became a monster. Once Keith’s passed pawns became separated it was very difficult for the experienced Englishman. But he put up a struggle which went on until move 50. Since the French spent some time analysing the 3 pawns v pawn and knight endgame, it seems Keith’s resignation was premature. On the other hand Fritz 10 decided Black had a 6 point advantage and that’s pretty convincing.

The whole matter of when you should resign became a major talking point of Chris Ward’s excellent commentary this afternoon. The late Bent Larsen once said, ‘You should never resign until all the spectators understand why you are doing so.’ Does this mean each player thinking of resigning should consult the audience in the hall, that in the commentary room and the viewers online? As an arbiter I might regard that as seeking advice?

Deep Sengupta and Arghyadip Das also won, thus keeping their challenge for first place for the second year in a row going. Babu Lalith and Sahiti Lakshmi from the team of young Indians sent here by the All Indian Chess Federation joined the leaders, as did Mark Hebden. Sahiti is the only person from the second fraction to make it to 2/2. Her reward is a pairing with white against the Ukrainian Yuri Vovk. He has only ½, but I being used as a chopper in the Accelerated Pairing System.

Hopefully more games will be seen live on the internet tomorrow. The problem has been beyond our control. The whole area around the Horntye Sports Centre is, in a sense, shrouded in darkness …