All change at Hastings

January 3, 2016 Webblie 0

— from Mark Jordan Where there was one, now there are three! GM Vakhidov 2546, who had usurped the previous leader GM Mista 2567 on the previous day, was only able to hold his sole first place for a single night before facing tournament favourite, […]

Decisive results in Round 4

January 2, 2016 Webblie 0

— from Mark Jordan (games annotated by IM Jack Rudd) Round four saw decisive results on the top 18 boards with wins for Black on the top four boards! This is rather unusual at this level, even in a Swiss system event where, unlike in […]

Hastings 2014/15 Prize List

January 7, 2015 Webblie 0

1st 8/9 Jun Zhao GM CHN £2000 2-4 7/9 Alexandr Fier GM BRA £816.67   Gudmundur Kjartasson IM ISL £816.67   Aleksander Mista GM POL £816.67 5-9 6½/9 Keith Arkell GM ENG £160   Jonathan Hawkins GM ENG £160   Maxime Lagarde GM FRA £160 […]

Round 9 – final report

January 7, 2015 Webblie 0

Often there is an ‘end of term’ feeling to the last round of a 9 day or more tournament. Players are content to agree a draw with their new or old friends. This was not at all the case here where there was so much […]

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