Hastings Congress FIDE-rated Blitz Tournament

The Hastings Congress Blitz Tournament will take place this evening, 3rd January, at the White Rock Hotel. Play will start at 20.30. Tournament details are as follows and we give a link to the player list as at time of writing –http://chess-results.com/tnr157346.aspx?lan=1

Entry Fee: £2.00 if FIDE rated / £5.00 if not FIDE rated
Prizes: All entry fees will be returned as prizes.
Rate of Play: All the moves in 3 minutes, plus two seconds per move from the first. Once again we are running an event where players can have a good time and improve their rating and unrated players can get a Blitz rating in one evening.
Standard Play ratings will not be affected  by the Blitz or Rapid Play results. Where players are already FIDE rated but do not have a Blitz rating, their Standard Play rating will be used initially.
The Tournament will be a Swiss. Unrated players will be able to secure at least a partial FIDE Blitz rating.
The K factor for all players will be 20. If a rated player plays more than 35 games in a monthly period, then his new rating will be his Tournament Rating Performance.