Hastings round-up and results

The 88th Hastings International Chess Congress ended yesterday, Sunday 6th January 2013.  The ten day event, which took place at Horntye Park Sports Complex in Hastings, was again sponsored by Hastings Borough Council whose continuing support is greatly appreciated by the organisers and competitors alike.

The closing reception and prize-giving ceremony, hosted by the Trustees of Horntye Park, was attended by Cllr. Alan Roberts, Rt.Worshipful the Mayor of Hastings and Amber Rudd, MP for Hastings and Rye. They jointly presented the Golombek Trophy.

The internationally renowned Chess Congress was attended by players from over 20 countries from Indonesia to Iceland.  Moldova was represented for the first time at Hastings.  China was once again represented following last year’s win by Yue Wang.  Local players also feature in the winners lists and Hastings resident IM Francis Rayner put in a remarkable performance which gives him a FIDE IM norm and qualifying place in the British Championships 2013.

Players not only battled over the chess boards but also against the monsoon-like rain which blighted the first few days and also against the winter viruses which were affecting the public in general.  Several competitors had to withdraw from the event or lose a day’s play at best.  At the start of final round 10 there was a tightly knit group leading the field and this situation did not change greatly.

The Masters Tournament was won outright by the current British Champion, grandmaster Gawain Jones (ENG) with 7.5 points.  He holds the Golombek Trophy for one year and won first prize of £2,000.  Gawain was also awarded the Glenroy Trophy plus £100 as Southern Counties Chess Union (SCCU) Individual Champion.

Eight players tied in joint second place with 7/10 points.

HorntyePark also presented a Brilliancy Prize and their trophy + £100 went to Chinese Woman IM  Xiobing Gu.

Mr. Alan Hustwayte, Congress Secretary,  also presented a special prize for performance against rating to Norwegian grandmaster Johannes Kvisla.

Four players achieved FIDE Norms which count towards their international titles:  Rui Gao (CHI) – GM, Francis Rayner (WLS), Johannes Kvisla (NOR) and Xiobing Gu (CHI).

As well as Francis Rayner, four other players qualify for the British Championships 2013:  Clement Sreeves, Ali Janouby, Matthew Wadsworth, John Anderson.

 Although the funding situation for the future is not yet secure, all those involved with the Congress sincerely hope they will be once again be putting the pieces in place for an 89th Congress at the end of this year.


1 GM Gawain Jones (ENG) 7.5/10
2= GM Andrey Sumets(UKR); GM Kaido Kulaots(EST); GM Andrey Vovk (UKR); GM Sarunas Sulskis (LTU); GM Daniele Vocaturo (ITA); IM Hjorvar Gretarsson (ENG); IM Jonathan Hawkins(ENG);IM Rui Gao (CHI)  7

Christmas Tournament – five rounds
A Section:
1 Alfredo Luaces (Hastings) 4
2= David Cutmore;  Martin Cutmore; Barry Morris 3.5

B Section
1 Robin Goodfellow(Tunbridge Wells) 4
2= M.Bryant (Hastings); Mark Murrell 3.5

C Section
1= Omer Namouk (Hastings); Timothy Crouch; Hugh Tassell 4

D Section
1 Colin Gardner 4.5
2 Susan Chadwick 4
3= Lee Bullock; H Anbukumar; Mason Woodhams (Hastings) 3.5

New Year Morning Tournament – five rounds
Section A

1= Christopher Howell (Redhill);  VaughanGriffiths (Northampton) 4
3 Matthew Bunn (Snodland) 3.5
Grading Prize: David Patrick (Halifax) 3

Section B
1  Joshua Pink (Coventry) 5
2 Christopher Heath ( Horsham) 3.5
3= Marc Bryant (Hastings); Michael Reddie (Eastbourne) 3
Grading Prize – Tony Bynnersersley (West London) 3

Section C
1 Peter Horlock (Godalming) 4
2= Colin Fell (Reading); David Fowler (Snodland); Lawrence Rhodes (Eastbourne); Mark Stone (Petts Wood Orpington) 3.5
Grading Prize – David Wallis (Worthing) 3

Section D
1 John Moore (Eastbourne) 4 points
2= Lee Bullock (Coulsdon); Hajane Anbukumar (Caterham) 3.5
Grading Prize – James Robertson (Tonbridge); Mason Woodhams (Hastings) 2.5

New Year Afternoon Tournament – 5 rounds
Section A
1 Benedict Hasenohr (Switzerland) 4.5
2 David Patrick (Halifax) 4
3= David Onley (Wimborne); Paul Batchelor (Brighton) 3.5
Grading Prize – Simon Leung (Beckenham) 3.5

Section B
1= David Fowler (Snodland); Derek Cosens (Hastings) 4
3= Peter Wood (Hastings); Peter Horlock (Godalming) 3.5
Grading Prize – Prize: Phil Foley 3

 Section C
1 Anthony Stanton 4.5
2 Stephen Billett (Portsmouth) 4
3 Matthew Howell (Hastings) 3.5
Grading Prize – Alan Ticehurst (Hastings); John Calvert (Notts Mechanics) 3

Major – 5 rounds
1= Martin Fogg (Ipswich); Helge Hjort (Hastings); Christopher (Sherwood) 4
Grading Prize – Paul Jackson (Coulsdon); Mel Young (Hastings) 3

1 Duncan Badham (Brighton) 4.5
2= Charles Costeloe (Muswell Hill); William Drennan (Battersea) 4
Grading Prize:  David Gilbert (DHSS); Keith Woodcock (Ipswich)

1 Mason Woodhams (Hastings) 4.5
2= Frederick Coleman (Sussex Juniors); Steve Larkin (Tynedale) 4
4= Lee Brockwell (Sidcup); Alan Fraser (Beckenham); John Sowerby (Beckenham); Gary Willson (Hastings) 3.5
Grading Prize – Laura Davidson (Sandhurst); William Jackson  2