Pairs at the White Rock Hotel – 2nd January 2013

The annual Hastings Pairs tournament took place last night at the White Rock Hotel instead of the familiar Pig in Paradise. The venues could not have been more different but the White Rock proved popular and twenty pairs took part. Maybe the team names lacked some of the originality of previous years but the chess seemed to be taken slightly more seriously.

Results of the five-round event were:

1st Prize: Ravi Haria/Clement Sreeves ‘Hungry Hippos’ 4.5 points £80
2nd=: Fiona Steil-Anton/ Johannes Kvisla ‘Fionions’ 3.5 points £20
Thomas Rendle/ Adam Taylor ‘The White Rocky Horror Show’ £20
Joshua Pink/Anthony Roberts £20
Best Team Name: John Brooke/Alan Byron ‘The Toads’ £20
Best result by a mixed gender team: Helen Evans/Alfred Luaces £10