Hastings book announcement!

No chess tournament in the world can look back on as much tradition as the tournament in the English seaside resort of Hastings, which has taken place for 100 years, starting in 1920 and following the legendary 1895 event. How did such a tradition develop? What is the importance of Hastings in the world of chess? And why this tournament?
In a new book, authors Juergen Brustkern and Norbert Wallet describe how Hastings served as a meeting place for top players from East and West during the Cold War. It gives a historical overview of the event and introduces the great protagonists and the parts they played in Hastings’ history. It is clear why this tournament earned the honorary title of ‘Wimbledon of Chess’ in the chess world.
If you would like further information about the book, or wishto purchase a copy, please contact Juergen Brustkern via email at juergenbrustkern@yahoo.de