Caplin All-Play-All – results and prizes

This is the time of year when we should be reporting on the usual 9 or 10 round traditional Hastings International Congress. It would have been something of a special event which marked the 100th anniversary of the Congress in its usual format. It was a hard to decide what to put in its place but it seems that the event at the weekend was exceptionally well received by participants and viewers alike. The games were hard fought and the commentary by GM Simon Williams and IM Jovanka Houska entertained throughout.

Results and prizes were as follows — 

Place Player Points (from 11)
1st GM David Howell 9
2nd GM Luke McShane 7.5
3rd GM Michael Adams 7
4th GM Gawain Jones 6.5
5th GM Daniel Gormally 6
6th GM Matthew Turner 5.5
7th IM Matthew Wadsworth 5
8th GM Keith Arkell 5
9th GM Nicholas Pert 4.5
10th GM Mark Hebden 3.5
11th IM Ameet Ghasi 3.5
12th GM Glenn Flear 3

Prizes – 1st £1,200; 2nd £800; 3rd £650; 4th £550; 5th £450; 6th £350; 7th £300; 8th £250; 9th £200; 10th £200; 11th £100; 12th £100

The players have all been regulars at Hastings since they were young, and many have achieved titles or title norms here; several of their names appear on the Hastings trophy. Although the usual c300 players were not in town for 10 days, Hastings and its attractions, both chess and leisure, were certainly mentioned, which will hopefully encourage visitors to return when we are all allowed to roam free again.

Many thanks go to Caplin Systems for their sponsorship. It was good to see CEO John Ashworth online for announcement of the results.