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The current leaders after three rounds in the 10-round Masters tournament are as follows —
IM Martin Petrov (BUL), GM Jonathan Hawkins (ENG), GM Oleg Korneev (ESP), FM Jonah Willow (ENG), FM Conor Murphy (IRL), GM Daniel Gormally (ENG), FM Mark Lyell (ENG), Unnikrishnan Midhun (IND)  – 2.5 points

Unfortunately GM Simon Williams (ENG) is likely to withdraw from the tournament for family reasons. Round 5 takes place tomorrow. The commentary given by GM Chris Ward has been well attended each day.

The five round Christmas Tournaments played over three days ended yesterday and the results are as follows —

Christmas A
1= Chaski Patrick (Uckfield), Paul Batchelor 4/5
3= Aditya Verma (Coulsdon), Chris Howell (Coulsdon), Helge Hjort (Hendon), Oliver Howell (Millfield School), Paul Jackson (Coulsdon) 3.5/5

Christmas B
1 Batuhan Kay (Sussex Juniors)
2= Carol Gartside (Clay Cross), Edward Gray (Sussex Juniors) 4/5
4 Henry Cove (Hastings & St Leonards)
5= Paul Kelly (Hastings & St Leonards), Peter Dirmauskas (Maidstone) 3/5

Christmas C
1 Mason Woodhams (Hastings & St Leonards) 4.5/ 5
2 Marc Bryant (Hastings & St Leonards 4/5
3 Lee Bullock (Hackney) 3.5/5
4= William Stock (Hastings & St Leonards), Sarah Rowles (4NCL Iceni), Paul Buswell (Hastings & St Leonards) 3/5

The 36th Hastings Weekend Congress will take place from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th January 2019 – the Open Section is FIDE rated.