Chess Archery

The  3rd Chess Archery Challenge took place at Horntye Park Sports Complex, Hastings on Thursday 25th October. Two teams each comprising a chess player and four archers, all members of the Bayeux Bowmen, took part.

Black Team
Chess player:  Rasa Norinkeviciute – Lithuanian FIDE Woman International Master and member of Hastings & St.Leonards Chess Club
Archers: Demsey Emson, Ray Russell, Roy Tilbury, Stewart Hames

White Team
Chess player: FIDE-rated Paul Kelly – member of Hastings & St.Leonards Chess Club, who plays for Wales
Archers: Barrie Green, Peter Carrington, Vanessa Maddox, Rachel Hick-Flay

Arbiter: Alan Hustwayte, Director of Hastings International Chess Congress.

The game was greatly influenced by the archers, and after a game of 43 moves lasting two and half hours,  black resigned. Paul and Rasa gave a brief commentary, playing through the game and showing how they moved and how their moves were affected by the bowmen. The accuracy of the archers can have a considerable affect on the outcome, and this adds another dimension to the choices the chess players have to make.

This combination sport was the idea of Stewart Reuben, a Director of Hastings Chess Congress. A target is divided into sections with a picture of a different chess piece in each.  The players instruct the first archer in their team which piece he/she would like to move – where the arrow lands determines which piece is moved. The game continues until checkmate.  

Both chess and archery are considered sports by the IOC, but Sport England does not recognise chess – perhaps this will change their minds? It is intended to hold a 4th Chess Archery Challenge next year so look out for information …

In the meantime the Tradewise 94th Hastings International Chess Congress, providing a feast of chess for all levels of player, will take place at Horntye Park Sports Complex from 28th December 2018 to 6th January 2019 inclusive.

Further chess information – Pam Thomas Email: Tel: 01424 445348

Further archery information – Colin Ford Email: Tel: 07549 609513