Day Four

After 3 rounds, IM Gudmundur Kjartansson (ISL) emerged as leader of the field with 3/3, having won his game agains Ravi Haria. With 6 of the top ten games drawn, eight players finished on 2.5 and numerous players are on 2/2.

Round 4 begins today 31/12/16 at 14.15, and Chris Ward will be back in the commentary room at 14.45. Chris was joined in the commentary room yesterday by Matthew Sadler who was also talking about his book ‘Chess For Life’, co-written with Natasha Regan. 

The Christmas Tournament ended yesterday – results as follows —

Christmas A 
1 John Hickman (Reading) 4/5; 2= Thomas Brown (Cardiff), Chris Howell (Redhill), Charles McAleenan (Athenaeum), Calum Salmons  (Brighton & Hove) 3.5/5; Grading Prize: Ian Deswarte (Guildford) 2.5/5

Christmas B 
1 Niloy Chakraborty (IND) 4/5; 2= Carl Portman (Banbury), Graham Reid 3.5/5; Grading Prize: David Heath (Maidstone) 3/5

Christmas C
1 Adrian Cload (Hastings & St Leonards) 4.5/5;  2 Jeremy Hudson (Hastings & St Leonards) 4/5; 3 Peter Wood (Hastings & St Leonards) 3/5;  Grading Prize: Douglas Forbes (Gerrards Cross), Mason Woodhams  (Hastings & St Leonards) 2.5/5

Christmas D
1 Nischal Thatte 5/5; 2 Paul Buswell (Hastings & St Leonards) 4/5; 3= David Howes (CCF & South Norwood), Jonathan Britnell (Lewes/Sussex Juniors), Harunobu Oyama, Steve Oakman, David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 3/5; Grading Prize = Steve Oakman, David Everitt (Haywards Heath)

The five round 34th Hastings Weekend Tournament began last evening 30/12/16, despite weather and transport worries, and players emerged out of the fog in time for the first round …