New Year’s Eve

We had a Blitz tournament to kill time before the festivities, and although there were no prizes it was hard-fought. A deserving winner, with 100%, was Mikael Rolvag from Norway, a frequent visitor to The Stag Inn folk music sessions along with arbiter Lara Barnes.

Rank Title Name Rating Federation Points
1   Mikael Rolvag 2148 NOR 6
2 CM Dev Shah 1877 IND 4
    Chris Howell 2006 ENG 4
4   Pal Royset 2074 NOR
    Aditya Munshi 1775 ENG
6 AIM Andreas Larsen 1907 NOR 3
    Thomas Thorpe 1906 WLS 3
    Paul Kelly 1904 WLS 3
    Mike Cresswell 1706 ENG 3
10   Daniel August 2056 GER
    Viktor Stoyanov 1950 ENG
12   Boris Stoyanov 1290 FID 2
13 FM Adam C Taylor 2077 ENG 1
    Oliver Howell 1538 ENG 1


5 teams took part in a hastily designed quiz (suggested by Holger Witt – who didn’t come!) formed from 2-5 players.  The questions on The Laws of Chess were considered the hardest and even an arbiter or two got some wrong (guess who!)

The winners with 40/64 were Team Norway (Which also included a Dane!) comprised of Mikael ROLVAG, Harvard RAMSTAD, Pal ROYSET, Andreas LARSEN and Jens KRISTIANSEN

The White Rock were fantastic hosts, providing snacks, mince pies and champagne to see in the New Year for everyone!

Try the quiz for yourself here