Notes RE: Congress entry

Apologies for a possible lack of clarification on page 4 of the entry form regarding the Hastings Weekend Congress Major Tournament.  This should read as follows:-
“Open to players below Fide 2040 or ECF 180.  FIDE Ratings will take precedence over ECF and other ratings.  All players must have a FIDE ID Number (FIN)

Please also note the following:

One half point bye is permitted in any round of the Christmas, Weekend or New Year Tournaments.  If applied for in the last round, notice must be given when entering.

In the same way, a half point bye is also permitted in the Masters unless:
a) the player is a Grandmaster
b) the bye may adversely affect the norm possibilities of the event.

Examples of where the norm possibilities would be at risk include where the number of non ENG players would be less than 20 or the total of non ENG (W)GMs and (W)IMs is less than 10 in a particular round. Anyone hoping to achieve a norm should note that requesting a bye will prevent this possibility.
It would be appreciated if Masters players could register by e-mail to prior to the tournament.  Pairings of players not pre-registered may be changed where necessary.