Results round-up 4/1/20

After 7 rounds the standings in the Masters tournament are as follows —
1 GM Magesh Panchanathan (IND) 6/7
2 GM Romain Edouard (FRA) 5.5/7
3= IM Mate Bagi (HUN); GM Deep Sengupta (IND); GM Gergely Kantor (HUN); GM GA Stany (IND); GM Simon Williams (ENG ); GM Glenn Flear (ENG); GM Alexander Fishbein (USA); GM Mark Hebden (ENG); GM Keith Arkell (ENG) 5/5
Round 8 begins today at 14.15 and the commentary will begin at 15.15 …

Results in the New Year Tournaments, which concluded yesterday [3.1.2020] are as follows —

New Year Morning Section A
1 J. Rubeck (Hendon) 3.5
2 D. Heath (Maidstone) 3
3= H. Hjort (Hendon); A. Waldock (East Grinstead); T. Stock (Hastings & St. Leonards); H. Cove (Hastings & St. Leonard); M. Cutmore 2.5

New Year Morning Section B
1= P. Foley (Upminster); C. Bernard (Crystal Palace); S. Kumar (Maidenheaad Juniors); H. Shaw (Sussex Juniors) 3/5
5= A. Roberts (Wallasey); J. Parry (London EcWc) 2.5

New Year Morning Section C
1 Alan Collins (Cowley) 3.5
2= Oliver Stockham (Sussex Juniors); William Stock (Hastings & St. Leonards) 3
4= J. Whelan (Weybridge); Paul Buswell (Hastings & St. Leonards); Anna Pontinutti (Hastings & St.Leonards) 2.5

New Year Afternoon Section A
1 J. Rubeck (Hendon) 4/5
2= J. Anstead (Tunbridge Wells); D. Cutmore (Albany) 3
4= C. Howell (Coulsdon CF); F. Thomas (Sussex Juniors); J. Geoffrey (Brighton & Hove); H. Hjort (Hendon); J. Lv (Leicester Juniors); P. Kelly (Hastings & St. Leonards); A. Mata; C. Hann (Hastings & St. Leonards) 2

New Year Afternoon Section B
1= C. Bernard (Crystal Palace); Peter Wood (Hastings & St. Leonards); D. Cousens (Hastings & St. Leonards) 3
4= J. McKenna (Crystal Palace); Hambel Willow (Newcastle under Lyme); J. Parry (London EcWc); P. O’Brien (Worthing) 2

New Year Afternoon Section C
1= P. Buswell (Hastings & St. Leonards); J. Whelan 3
3= D. Howes (Coulsdon); M. Fletcher (Hastings & St. Leonards); C. Chapman (Combined Services CA); J. Brouwer (NED); S. Rowles (4NCL Iceni); J. Calvert (Mechanics) 2