RIP Lucy Walsh

LUCY WALSH (nee Egan), mother of Gerry Walsh born 28 February 1920, died 19 June 2014

Her funeral is on Tuesday 1 July at 11 45 a.m. in St Peter’s Catholic Church South Bank Middlesbrough prior to burial in Eston cemetery.
Gerry Walsh’s mam was not a chessplayer but she always enjoyed her visits to chess events. I first met her in Malta in 1980 when she was part of the administrative team organising the Olympiad. She was always a breath of fresh air in chess.
Gerry says, ‘We were watching the football match Thursday 19 June and toward the end she took hold of my hand and passed away. She had not been ill and we were intending to take the dogs for a walk when the game finished. The Coroner’s office advised that Mam’s heart just stopped beating rather than a heart attack.’
Our condolences to the family; besides Gerry, there are two brothers and a sister.

– Stewart Reuben