Update from Hastings …

It is approaching the time when the entry form and details of the 96th Hastings International Chess Congress would normally be appearing, and the organisers wish to keep everyone in the picture.

Given the current  Covid-19 crisis, it is not possible to confirm the situation regarding the Congress, which would usually take place at the end of December. The Congress organising committee will meet  to review the situation on Saturday 22nd August – remotely if necessary –  when a decision will be made. A statement will appear on the Congress website as soon as possible after the meeting confirming the decision and future plans.

The chess community is well served by the numerous online matches taking place, providing a wealth of competitive chess to watch or join in with. This is a definite advantage over many other sporting activities, but it is to be hoped that the regular chess events can resume in this country and internationally before too long.

In the meantime keep well – Hastings 13.05.20