Caplin Systems sponsors the Hastings International Chess Congress

Caplin, the specialist provider of desktop and mobile etrading technology, today announced that it is to be the primary sponsor of the Hastings, the longest running international chess congress in the world.

The Hastings Premier has attracted many of the strongest players in the world since it started in 1920-21. Indeed some years it was the only truly international chess tournament in the whole world. Currently it draws in about 400 entrants every year.

Caplin’s sponsorship allows the organisers of the Hastings tournament to begin preparations for the congress’s 99th year at the end of December. The Masters tournament games that make up a portion of the congress will be broadcast on the internet to a world-wide audience. The games are studied and delight players worldwide.

Caplin specialises in creating trading software and technology for financial institutions. It provides technological solutions for global, regional and local banks, for the trading of Foreign Exchange, Equities, Futures, Fixed Income, Precious Metals, and cryptocurrencies. With many of its staff and clients interested in chess, the tournament is well aligned with Caplin’s company values and fits with its goal of attracting talented problem solvers to their team.

‘The news that Caplin Systems is to sponsor the Hastings International Chess Congress is very welcome indeed. This event, the longest running international chess congress in the world, is now entering into its 99th year. It will be welcomed everywhere’ said Stewart Reuben, Honorary Member of FIDE (the World Chess Federation).

‘Since before the supercomputer Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov in 1997, there has been a close link between chess and technology development, which has only increased with advances in computer power and artificial intelligence’ said John Ashworth CEO of Caplin. ‘We are delighted to be able to support such an historic and important event, and play our part in helping develop the game at all levels of participation and excellence. In return, this association with STEM skills suits our recruitment strategy’