Final round up II

Other prize winners were —
Best performance by a non GM/IM  –  Ravi Haria
Best performance with rating below 2200 – Claudio Boino (POR)
Best performance by a female player –  WGM Nino Maisuradze ( FRA)
Best Under-18 performance – Oliver Howell (ENG)
Best performance against rating – Claudio Boino (POR)
Best Game Prize awarded by Horntye Park – FM Jesper Thybo v Sethuraman in Round 1
Qualifiers for the British Championships in 2017 are Edmund Player and FM Mark Lyell

New Year Morning A
1 Roger Hutchings (Woodpushers Sussex) 3½
2= David Fowler (Hamble, Gosport), Russell Goodfellow (Tunbridge Wells), Mark Potter 3
5 James Stevenson (Celtic Tigers 4NCL) 2½

New Year Morning B
1= Chris Rogal (Hendon), Marc Bryant (Hastings & St.Leonards), Anthony Roberts (Wallasey) 3
4= Robert Akeya-Price (Coulsdon), Derek Roebuck (Kings Head) 2½
6= Nicholas Mahoney (Doncaster Ch. Scy), David Heath (Maidstone), Adrian Waldock (Walton-on-Thames) 2

New Year Morning C
1 Mason Woodhams (Hastings & St.Leonards) 3½
2= Omer Namouk (Hastings & St.Leonards), David Howes (CCF & Sth.Norwood) 3
4= Simon Sellick (Bracknell), Alan Fraser (Beckenham & Bromley), David Everitt (Haywards Heath) 2½

New Year Afternoon B
1 Anthony Stanton (Brighton & Hove) 3½
2= Jan Petter Opedal (Tronkheim), Adrian Waldock (Walton-on-Thames), Derek Harvey (Hastings & St.Leonards), Lee Bullock (Hackney) 3
6= Peter Wood (Hastings & St Leonards), Mason Woodhams (Hastings & St. Leonards) 2½

Apologies – Final crosstables/results for Weekend Minor and New Year Afternoon A are not available but should be added in very near future …