Jude Lenier – Hastings Simul

Simultaneous Chess Champion Challenge
Sat 10th 3.30-5.30 at Stade Hall, Hastings

Hastings Chess Club has organized a simultaneous chess challenge this coming Saturday 10th September at 3.30 at Stade Hall, Old Town, Hastings.

Picture by Ray Morris-Hill

Up to twenty players can take part to challenge reigning Club Champion, 15-year-old Jude Lenier (pictured above). Our local chess star Jude was the British Under-9 and then British Under-10 Chess Champion. He is now taking his GSCEs and planning a bright future in politics and/or professional chess. His non-chess likes are music, reading, gaming, swimming, Dr Who and not tidying his room.

Hastings is well known for its battle but, more recently, battles have taken place over the chess board. We are home to one of the oldest and most respected chess clubs, founded 129 years ago. Hastings also plays host to the annual Hastings International Chess Congress. University College Hastings houses the National Chess Library, an internationally respected collection and archive. It is even said that William the Conqueror was a chess player, and once broke a chess board over the head of his nephew, Louis the Fat, having accused him of cheating. Fortunately the arbiters today no longer permit this kind of behaviour.

Chess as part of our rich local heritage is being celebrated during this year’s Heritage Open Days, supported by Hastings Borough Council’s Project at Stade Hall. It is one of forty events, more information can be found in the brochure available from the Town Hall and Tourist Information. To take part in the challenge contact –
info@hastingschessclub.co.uk or telephone 07933 742352 or turn up to watch. Everyone is welcome – Stade Hall has onsite disabled parking, accessible toilets, a hearing loop and full wheelchair access.