Pairs at the Pig

The Pairs at the Pig event was well attended – 16 pairs entered which was possibly the highest ever entry.  There were also several spectators adding to the atmosphere. Simon Williams and Gary O’Grady’s games attracted quite a voluble audience, and Mark Bryant had to quieten things down on a couple of occasions, but the games were all played in the spirit of the evening. Bar trade seemed fairly brisk as the tension mounted.

First prize of £100 was won for the second time by Jack Rudd and Amy Hoare aka “Thank Devon for Little Girls”

Best team name prize was won by regular German players at Hastings, Reinhard Schmerwitz and Martin Lichte – team name “The Euro Piggybank’s Paradise Lost.”


1. Thank Devon for Little Girls (Jack Rudd/Amy Hoare) – £100
2= Pinky and the Brain (Alex Longson/Sarah Hegarty) – £50; The Czech Mates (Tereza Olsarova/Carolina Olsarova) – £50

Best team name: “The Euro Piggybank’s Paradise Lost” £25
Best performance by mixed gender team: “The Deserters” (Thomas Rendle/Hannah Dale)

Thanks go to the Pig in Paradise who sponsor the event. Click here for a gallery of pictures